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5 Bollywood Actors who only Love Veg Food


Bollywood celebrities who adopted vegetarianism

We have been hearing the debate between the Veggies and Non- Veg food since ages. Every side of the camp have their own justifications. Unlike any industry, B Town is certainly not an exception. The people consuming the non-veg stuff claim that the body remains fit with the non-veg food, while the veggies claim the opposite. Nevertheless if you talk about the B Town, we have many actors in the industry who are pure veg and some turned veg as well giving their own reasons. How about catching up the list of some big time Bollywood actors who are pure veggie, have a look as under:
Amitabh Bachchan :
Amitabh Bachchan
He used to be a non-veggie earlier, however, in the year 2002, he turned pure veg guy. He said due to some issues, he changed from non-veggie to Veggie and he reasons that the veg foods are important to keep the brain cool.
Shahid Kapoor :
Shahid_Kapoor bachelor party cancelled
The most handsome actor in B Town is a veggie and he promotes the same by encouraging others to become veggie. He has been always a veggie and was even awarded as the most alluring veggie by PETA.
John Abraham :

John Abraham force 2The Handsome Hunk of B Town also happens to be a veggie, he has remained so since his early days in B Town and his body is made without consuming the non-veg stuff. He has been attached to PETA for the events.

Aamir Khan :


This came as a surprise when Aamir Khan declared himself as a Veggie. He said that his wife Kiran Rao is a veggie and once when she showed one media, it made him the veggie in 2015. He says that a veg food gives the right balance in personality.

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