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5 Big Time Bollywood Stars who did B Grade Films

Every week we see several B Town films hitting the theatres that remain talk of the town. However, with these films, we also find some B Grade movies that remain the part and parcel of every Friday but most of these go unnoticed or somewhere remain at the corner of any regional newspaper. These small time films are called as the B and C grade films, which are not necessarily the films with adult content but are budget movies with low star power and other things. Do you know many of the Big time Bollywood stars remain the part of several B Grade movies, how about catching up the list of these as under:

1). Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan b grade films

Not many would know that Big B too had such a film in B Town. In the late nineties when he was struggling in his career and the flop of his company ABCL he was offered a B Grade film which he had to accept called Boom, which hit the theatres in 2003.

2). Katrina Kaif

katrina kaif boom movie photo

Before becoming a Big star in B Town, Katrina Kaif was seen struggling with small time roles and this is when she did a few B Grade films. Her first film was Boom with Big and Gulshan Grover.

3). Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar b grade films

He could be a big star in B Town, however, his entry into the struggling days also gave him some odd films as well, which include Mister Bond in 1992 when he was seen with some bold avatar.

4). Manisha Koirala

Manisha Koirala b grade films

She had given several films in B Town like Gupt, Mann, Indian and many more movies, however, she also did one B Grade movie called Ek Choti Si Love Story which made her into limelight for her hot portrayal in the media.

5). Shah Rukh Khan

Maya Mem Sb

If you thought SRK has been similar since past 25 years in B Town, you are wrong, he did some small time and one B Grade film as well including a B Grade movie called Maya Mem Sb. He with some of the bold scenes soon was mired in controversy.

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