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5 Best Ways to Make Yoga less intimidating for novices

If you are feeling terrified while walking to your yoga class for the first time, it is only because you feel a bit awkward and pretentious. Generally the new students are often seen feeling very much uncomfortable trying out those vague instructions and inaccessible poses. However, as a novice to yoga, you are supposed to feel empowered and engaged by the teachings and no isolated or overwhelmed by esoteric ideas. With strong yoga teachers, your experience can be all together different, which not only gives you the right depth about yoga but also make you their fan. The following are the 5 best ways to make your yoga effective and less intimidating for beginners. Let’s check them out:

Get Rid of the Yoga Jargon

The moment you enter any Yoga class, you are bound to hear loads of jargons about it, which can be very much perplexing to your ears. A competent teacher, however, will only focus on ideas rather than the jargons. When you find the teacher using Sanskrit terms he or she should be able to define the same in English. When you find the teachers speaking their own real voice along with the sense of humour, you are going to shine a lot. In such classes, you are bound to get more personal and authentic guidance than the ones who play more with words and less with the ideas.

Avoid being preachy and get the power

Students who come to yoga hate listening to long lectures or having therapy sessions. Being a novice, listening to the long preaching can be boring and irking, you can find a number of first time students getting annoyed to such teachers and with their condescending tones. It is challenging enough to find out new students to try out yoga, so why make things tougher for the beginners. Remember Yoga is not a school it is all about practise. People coming for yoga come with intentions into their action, and thus you need to be grounded by simply moving with wisdom. This is called wealth and deeper sense of subtle awareness and connectivity in yoga. The teachings of yoga should be meaningful but at the same time should not make the students feel uncomfortable. A good class can leave you feel empowered and not belittled or guilty.

Chant Less and Pant More

Generally people trying yoga the first time fail to understand the old yoga language and chants are no exception. It is always better to speak in the language, which students understand rather than chanting a lot, which is difficult to understand. Chanting too often can make the class too boring and lose the interest of the beginners who find things challenging at such junctures. Chanting words like Yam, Ham, Om, Ram, etc would need extra hours, which may not be possible and most of the time can be irrelevant. Hence better chant less and focus on the ideas of practise rather than these rituals, which may not be relevant to the beginners.

Clear Landmarks and changes

Every yoga pose you try has logical progression towards its complete expression. There are clear cut physical landmarks, which are the best measures for healthy alignment. These landmarks are generally instructed with simple if and then statements. Like for example, if you touch the floor during the standing posture, then actively work for making your legs strong. Every class has good amount of students which vary in levels. It is therefore vital to introduce modifications that are offered to people who are seen working with injuries and other limitations. Two blocks a blanket and strap for each and every student that are ideal props for most all levels classes. The students can be simpler on themselves by learning how to use the props in the way, which keeps the yoga poses simpler and efficient

KISS (Keep It Simple and Sustainable)

It is simple to complete your yoga poses and thus make the class very much difficult to follow the efforts while remaining excessive creative. The most efficient and simple instructions works out the best. First, the teachers are supposed name all the poses and find out everyone turning comfortable while trying out the same. The moment everyone is seen in the basic shape of the pose, they should be able to help the students explore the pose with subtle kind of cues. A number of teachers are seen catching up stringing together with a number of poses or sequencing in the way that are unique. The basic postures simply work provided carried out in a right order, while the powerful ones can be challenging. It is therefore recommended to try out getting the depth of the basics rather than merely forcing the students into complex kind of poses.

Wrapping up

Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise, provided you know the art of doing things right. Keeping the above things in mind can help the beginners to remain motivated and active in the path of trying yoga the best tool to keep fit and healthy.



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