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5 best TV shows to watch on Netflix


Netflix has been simply moving the audiences with its extremely exciting web series. Right from its original series such as Stranger Things and The Crown to the several TV favorites such as- Sherlock, Doctor Who, Friends and many more. If you have been looking for an unchallenged entertainment on Netflix, here are the 5 best TV shows to checkout that are currently streaming on Netflix.

Line of Duty

With its five series in line, the Line of Duty is a perfect mix of both shocks and superb performance. The story goes around a charismatic cop (Lennie James) who found himself under an investigation conducted by the anti-corruption officers. The entire show weaves around the new investigations that are truly spectacular.  The four series of the show are currently on Netflix and the fifth one already streaming on the BBC iPlayer: unmissable British crime. 

2.     Russian Doll

This eight-part series revolves around the chain-smoking New Yorker named Nadia. The story remains truly mysterious as the time loop goes on putting her on the day of her 36th birthday celebration and dying after that. This entire thing goes over and over and over again which makes it simply awe striking to watch.

3.     Stranger Things

This one comes with a reason making everyone talk about it. Brilliantly created scary horror series goes around four normal 1980s kids and a telekinetic super-girl who is power packed with heart. The story goes into the sci-fi world with an inter-dimensional turn in the form of a monster that enters into their world walking through the walls.

4.     Black Mirror

The fourth season of this show holds some of the most magnetically gripping tales to watch. This Charlie Brooker’s drama is quickly becoming one of the most liked and highly gripping series streaming on TV. You cannot resist yourself from it once you start with the first episode.

5.     The Crown

As reported, this one is said to be the most expensive television programme created by Netflix, ever. Featuring the most sumptuous royal drama from the charts of the tenured rise of Queen Elizabeth II right from her princess days to the monarch standing beside her in the form of her husband, Prince Philip, the show covers it all. If you have ever been interested in watching what all it takes to reach to the crown, this one is definitely a true stirrer from Netflix.

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