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5 Awful Identity Goof-Ups Of Bollywood Stars that will surprise you

There are several situations when goof-ups are waiting to happen. These weird mistakes could be in different forms. It could be calling people with a wrong name and many more similar things that can invite wrath of the person addressed with these goof-ups. These can occur in the life of any person and same goes with the Bollywood celebrities as well. Have a look at them as under:

1).When SRK was once mistaken to be Akshay Kumar

What Lesson SRK can get from Akshay Kumar ?

SRK shared this incident in 2016 when he said two decades before when he was at the airport, a fan of Akshay Kumar was chasing him. He then called him with Akki’s name asking about the song Tu Chiz Badi Hai Mast and got the autograph of Akshay Kumar only from SRK who gave his sign and then wrote with love Akshay.

2). When Big B Called Ranbir as Ranveer

Amitabh Bachchan

Even Big B is not an exception when it comes to Goof-ups. Well, the Sr. Bachchan, was seen sharing a selfie of his upcoming film Brahamstra along with his team Ranbir, Alia and others. He mistakenly wrote Ranveer instead of Ranbir and said that all are there from his movie while I am away to brush my teeth.

3). Madhuri Sanjeev being called as Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Sanjeev being called as Madhuri Dixit

The actress Madhuri Sanjeev said that she is often confused to be as Madhuri Dixit as people call her with this name. Though she has shares the same surname but now with this confusion she says that she has started using her middle name – Sanjeev to avoid this goof up.

4). When the actress Kainaat Arora was mistakenly called as a cop

Her character name in one of the film was Harleen Maan in the B Town movie Jaggajiundae. She soon started getting loads of messages and requests asking her to arrest the same as they would be loved to be taken away from a hot and gorgeous police office like her. This confusion was seen when her photograph went viral over the social media wearing a cop’s dress.

5). When a Katrina Kaif fan clicked Nargis’s photo as she resembled Katrina


Nargis was travelling when one of the man requested her to get her picture clicked by him by addressing her as Katrina Kaif. However, when Nargis said that she is not Katrina Kaif, he said its okay for him as she resembled a lot to Kat hence would still like to click her picture.

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