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5 Actors who proved Fat to Hit rather Fat to fit

Actors who proved Fat to Hit :

How do you define beauty? Well, if you define it with weight, size and color of the skin then you need to change your ideas of beauty. Because you will find a couple of actors who remain fat but has gone hit without going fit over the small and silver screen. We have ladies in the B Town who do not even care to shape up their body by losing weight but they are enjoying the stardom with their popularity in their shows. How about checking the 5 Actors who proved Fat to Hit rather Fat to fit as under:

1). Bharti Singh

Bharti Singh


She deserves to be in the first place. She has proved her mettle in comedy to rise high and has become the highest paid artist for comedy in Indian TV. She has appeared in several TV shows apart from being a number of B Town movies as well increasing her popularity a lot.

2). Delnaaz Irani

Delnaaz Irani

She has worked both in the B Town movies and small screens as well. She says it is important to develop a good personality and not figure, which she has developed that makes her popular in both the screens (big and small).

3). Anjali Anand

Anjali Anand

She gained popularity with her web series Utang and has given a fitting reply to people who call glamor to be better than talent. In fact, with her performance, she has remained at the top. She says that she is glad to appear different than others with her obesity.

4). Pushtiie Shakti

Pushtiie Shakti

She is known for her TV show called Mahi We. She plays the lead role in it and that she is very much comfortable with her body despite being obese. She said that she once did a swimsuit shoot in this TV series and she can do it because she is comfortable with her body.

5). Vahbbiz Dorabjee

Vahbbiz Dorabjee

Doing a modest start with the TV show called Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani, she has come a long way doing a number of TV series like Saraswatichandra and Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant, she has proved her mettle to do wonders over the small screen. Despite being fat she has proved herelf to be hit without caring enough to be fit.

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