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4G service subscription form of Priyanka Chopra is going VIRAL

PC 4G pic is going viral

Well, we all know how Indian telecom industry has done all the fire in the local market. With the advent of 4G services, which was launched by the popular Telecom companies have become the talk of the town. The affordable traffic plans with smarter connectivity is now the new topic of discussion among the Indian consumers. Amidst all these people, how can Priyanka Chopra lag behind in it?

Now, one can find the subscription of Priyanka Chopra’s subscription form is getting viral over the social messaging applications. We can now find the form of PC with her address details and picture but along with sign. Now, this could be alarming rendered this subscription form seems to be authentic or not yet happen to be questionable. Nevertheless one can see anything going to viral on social media, including the same form.

Priyanka Chopra is now winding up shooting from Quantico season 2 in the New York City seems to have denied any such reports from Los Angeles about calling this place to be her new home, on the other side called Bombay to be her home only. Well one can therefore expect her to see the Bajirao Mastani back to India. So, at such junctures, when she is returning she would love to avail the most affordable 4G services for better connectivity. So to claim that this form belongs to PeeCee only might not be wrong.

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