Monday, November 29, 2021
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3AM First weekend Box office collection

3 AM first weekend box office collection

Despite this Friday hitting the maximum number of movies the theatres, the business at the box office this weekend was not more than 5 crores for all the movies together. It was really an irony to witness, but at times irony is better to understand things that too many low budget movies cannot make things at the end as big unlike any one big banner movie can do over the box office. Well in the long the list of so many movies, 3 AM was among them. The movie had novices in different characters, which was one of the reasons of not doing wonders over the box office.

Also, if you look at the number of screen it has booked all over India it was a meagre figure of 450 screens. Hence the box office collection for 3AM at the very first day went to around 33 lakhs despite the fact that the horror drama shown in the movie had the appeal to attract the audiences. However, this figure went for a boost a bit with amounts soaring to 43 and 49 lakhs respectively making together an amount of 1.25 crores at the end of first weekend collection.

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