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3 Ways Tenali Rama proved He is an all time witty and genius person

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Tenali Rama needs no introduction when it comes to his wit. He is all time genius and many of us have heard stories. Considering his popularity, we have several TV shows and movies made on this man. In the ongoing time, we have a comic and witty TV show on his name at the popular Sab TV, which seems to be going on. How about catching up three stories in which he proved himself to be a genius all time.

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1) Lessons to the thieves – One summer night, when he and wife was all set to go to sleep in night, he heard some whizzing sound outside. Considering it to be some burglars planning to rob his house, he said to his wife in a loud tone that he should throw his gold and other valuable stuff inside the well in his premises considering the increase of burglaries in his neighborhood. Later he was seen throwing a box inside his well which soon led the robbers to drain water around the space beside the well to find a box at the end of the night to get a box of stones. Tenali thanked the thieves to water their plants and announced them to pay for their hard work.

2) Palace decorated with jewels – One day, courtiers from King Krishnadevaraya approached Tenali for their rescue. They informed that the king wants for him a floating palace decorated with jewels in dream and would reward the courtier if they bring him the same while for not bringing it he threatened with dire consequences. Later as few days passed a man came rushing inside the court of the king to help him as he was robbed by a thief. King asked who robbed him, he later said that it was King himself who robbed him. The king was furious to hear that and asked that man to explain. The man then said that he saw in his dreams that the king has robbed the person. The king thundered how could this could be true when he saw the same in his dreams. The man then said how could the dreams of the king of floating palace could be true when he is wrong about his dreams. The king understood and later found that it was Tenali who is the man of alleging king as the robber.

3) The Great painting – Once the king was seen applauding the painter a lot for a great painting he presented to the King. Though most of the people inside the court were seen agreeing on this, Tenali was not. He pointed out a man in the painting stating that he cannot see his back when the King intervened that everything is not possible to be seen as one has to imagine the bits of the same. Tenali challenged to make the best painting hence he took some time to make the same. Soon after one month, Tenali returned with a painting with few green and black strokes at the canvas. He then said see what a beautiful horse I have made and then boasting about the painting he enlisted a number of things. When King asked where is the beautiful horse and other details, Tenali instantly replied, you have to imagine something inside the painting as everything is not possible to be shown here.

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