3 Reasons Biggest Loser Contest Can Help You Lose Weight in 2020

Hey! Are you worried about how to shed those extra pounds in a fun way? Do you struggle to lose weight? 

Biggest Loser Contest (BLC)

Here are 3 tempting reasons you need to join the Biggest Loser Contest (BLC) that can help you with losing that extra pounds in 2020.


  1. Stay Motivation

It’s a new way to achieve your weight loss goal. InstaFitness is back with the most awaited weight loss contest again this year with “The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge 2020”. This is going to be India’s most exciting competition to help you get in shape with the help of certified dieticians. Where you will get 30-days natural weight loss diet plan that you can track & measure weekly through the InstaFitness App.


  1. Financial Incentive

The contestants who will participate in “Biggest Loser Contest will earn the exciting prize as follows:

  1. Winner to Win Rs. 21,000/
  2. 1st Runner up- to win Rs. 5100/-
  3. Finalist (2 Male / 2 Female) to Win 100% Cashback. 


  1. Encouragement

The program aims to help participants get started with weight loss with a personalized diet plan and guidance. Experience the power of encouragement to positive behavioural changes for long-term health.


InstaFitness has an expert team of fitness trainers and dieticians. The team is constantly growing and learning to serve you better. With an aim to offer a tailor-made fitness program that can suit your body type and health necessities. The certified experts are well equipped and trained to guide you with your best-suited fitness style considering your physical health, may it be obesity, PCOD, thyroid, diabetes, or rehabilitation.


You can even connect with InstaFitness experts through the App and get a customized diet plan online. To keep a track you can upload your weekly measurements and photographs. 

Why must you opt for the Biggest Loser Challenge?

  • Personalized diet plan with a diet coach – helps you to encourage and be positive to achieve long term health. 
  • Workout Support – You can enjoy the personalized workout administration in line with your diet plan. This will help you deal with the weight loss plateau.
  • Stay Motivated to achieve your goal – The contest aims at keeping all participants motivated throughout their weight loss journey. It also helps you gain self-confidence, self-esteem as well as encourages you to stay fit and healthy in the right way.
  • Opportunity to be a part of the 300+ people community that share the same goal
  • Opportunity to win exciting prizes – Though every participant is a winner as you achieve your weight loss goal, regain confidence and boost your belief in body transformation, apart from that you can even win exciting cash prizes too.
  • Opportunity to share a weight loss journey with the world- Stand a chance to share your weight loss journey with the world. Your weight loss success story will inspire thousands of people looking for a motivation to stay healthy. 
  • Win exciting goodies, coupons, and merchandise – Each winner gets hard to resist prizes to boost conviction to body transmigration in 30 days.
  • Value for your money and efforts: Biggest loser contest aims to keep participants motivated through the journey for those specifically who find it challenging to lose weight alone.


What are the eligibility criteria?

  • Anyone who is overweight
  • Age above 18 years
  • Any Gender
  • Who needs Guidance and Motivation
  • Anyone ready to follow strict diet plans


Register for the exciting journey of “Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge 2020” today:

Be a part of this enticement experience of weight loss journey and win the fitness goals you are looking for. Hurry up and sign up for this mega contest at website  or you can also call at +919871551060. You can even download the InstaFitness app and register yourself with very easy steps to follow.

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