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3 Great Bollywood Movies Not to Miss!

Must Watch Bollywood Movies

Bollywood movie buff, are you? Then you must be planning your weekends to catch up on the latest releases and perhaps few old flicks on YouTube or the ones you’ve saved on your hard drive. But you are an ardent movie buff you wouldn’t miss the chance of watching your favorite flicks on the huge screen. That’s a complete experience and remains unmatched with anything else. But some people shy off from always watching movie in a hall, because of the rising ticket costs. But if you’re smart, you’ll know the secret to cheap movie tickets! The early morning shows and the weekday afternoon or evening shows are not usually the ones to rob your pocket.

Now that you’ve got the cheap movie ticket data, here are three Bollywood movies recently released that you must watch, if you still haven’t.

Kapoor and Sons
kapoorandsons box office prediction

Released sometime back this movie is the talk of the town now! A story line that is real filled with nuances and conflicts of daily life, struggles, suppressed anger, sadness and hidden emotions this movie is sure to impress you if you’re the kind that looks for a rock-solid story line than the magnified glitz and glamour. Having said that, the main leads that is Siddharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt and Fawad Khan has been dressed as per their character that is smart, chic and urban. The plot revolves around the Kapoor family, where Rishi Kapoor as Amarjeet Kapoor is aging and in his quirky mind set rehearsing as to how his demise would look like, which in turn leads him to fall in his house and get admitted. Both his grandsons are thus called to visit him and hence start all the conflicts that silently exist between the siblings, the family as well as Fawad Khan’s real identity. Depicted with a tint of stark realism this movie is a must-watch!

Ki and Ka

Ki And Ka Box Office PredictionWritten and directed by R.Balki this is battle of the sexes made innovative and creative! A modern day take on the roles between man and women, this movie stars Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor as a couple, where the stereotypical role of a man and woman has been reversed. So Kareena as Kia is the bread earner of the house. She’s the one that is dynamic, ambitious, aggressive, the achiever and the dominating one. Arjun Kapoor as Kabir on the other hand is a different kind of man that doesn’t have the normal dreams like a man, that of pursuing a big name and great fame in the corporate sector. He rather wants to be like his mother who he calls an “artist” than a homemaker. And in the movie you’ll see the justification of the word “artist” as being the homemaker Kabir renders a different fervor to the house, both in terms of aesthetics and the overall functioning. However, life takes its own turn for Kabir where he for being himself is acknowledged which becomes the source of conflicts. How the rest gets sorted out, is something you need to watch out.

Rocky Handsome

rocky handsome trailer outEven though the story line might make you reminisce about Bajrangi Bhaijaan, but it’s not the case here. This movie is action packed and has many complexities. Starring John Abraham this movie is all about a man and his efforts to save an eight year old girl. It is because his bond with his girl is a special one that he sets out to fight a mafia gang alone.

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