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Ki and Ka Trailer Review

Ki and Ka Trailer Review

The much awaited trailer the hyped film Ki And Ka is finally out. The film has brought Kareena Kapoor Khan and Arjun Kapoor on the silver screen the first time. As you can make out, how the film deals with the issue of gender reversal subject, which seems to be different from other commercial films of B Town. The lead character is Kabir played by Arjun Kapoor who is a house hubby who takes care of the daily chores, while Kia played by Kareena is a successful marketing professionals working in a top MNC. Though before the release of the trailer many thought that the film would be a full with clichés, however, checking the trailer released yesterday seemed too hilarious.

So, when you find Kia playing the character of a corporate lady aspiring to be the CEO of the company, Kabir on the other hand has kept mother to be his role model and wants to be the housewife of the same. He is simply not interested in pursuing any career rather than doing things of the daily chores in his house. He would rather love to cook and do all the household stuff. The fresh pair teamed up in the form of Kareena and Arjun seems to be very much promising an easy going kind of chemistry seen in between the two.

In order to poke fun over the general stereotypes found in our society, the director of the film R Balki chose to put scenes the opposite wherein husband is seen acting like a wife and gets money to run the households from his wife. He does all the stuff, which usually wife often carry out when husband returns from work, like pulling out the sandals, giving water, serving her the best and finally, he is too tired to have sex with his wife unlike the scene often relevant for the wives for their returning husbands.

 And unlike problems seen in the weddings, this strange kind of marriage to witnesses the same that is seen in the form of emotional turmoil. So, speaking the overall picture of the film, Ki And Ka trailer can be called as a good attempt to present a quirky kind of story with commercial elements in order to keep it a B Town film. Thus in terms of rating, the trailer is good and one can expect a decent film for sure in 2016.

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