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Chalk N Duster Movie Review

chalk-n-duster-movie review

Chalk N Duster Defies the Current Educational System with Power Packed Performances

This Friday, there is no major release except the yesteryears veteran actors called Chalk N Duster. This film showcases the issues the teachers faced in their career while dealing with the current education system based on the British Colonial rule. The clash between modern commercial approach found in education system to the sincere and well mannered teachers who feel that the schools are temples of knowledge and the students coming to this place has to be dealt the same way to the people reaching out to worship places. The film has Juhi Chawla, Shabana Azmi, Girish Karnad, Zarina Wahab and Divya Dutta in the pivotal roles in the movie. It is directed by Jayant Gilatar, while written by Ranjeev Verma and produced by Amin Surani under the banner of Surani Pictures.


As said, the film is all about dealing with the issues found in the current education system. It starts with showcasing the emotional journey of two top teachers Vidya played by Shabana Azmi and Jyoti played by Juhi Chawla. Their love and passion for teaching, the bonds they share with their students and the relationships they have is being shown in the film. Their gratification is simply the good grades along with high moral conduct, which they try hard to impart among their students. However, amidst all this, you find an evil creeping inside the school called Kamini Gupta played by Divya Dutta as the head of the school, who wants to change the entire fate of the administration with inculcating commercial elements in this school. Thus begins the clashes the ideals and the vested interest in the school and ups and downs in the lives.

Script Analysis

Can you call this film to be a sincere melodrama or an oxymoron? Not really, at times, you need to hit the hamper hard to drive the stubborn nail. At the outset, loads of applauds to the director for making such a film, which moves gingerly around different characters apart from the conventional definitions of conventional media, and yet retains the massy genre’s mood and zest. In terms of dealing such a subject you may call it as an old fashion treatment, which requires narrative sustenance from its heart cosy message of love and respect for underpaid teachers who work hard and get less. The perception of zeal and commitment found in the teachers over the current and future of their students can be called as somewhere repetitive, yet Chalk N Duster can be called as a film with loads of love for the teachers of weaker sex.

Star Performances

Needless to say that actors like Shabana Azmi and Juhi Chawla are among the veterans in B Town, they have given convincing performances in the film. The two have tried hard to post the mutual sincerity in their respective characters as idealistic knowledge seekers. Divya Dutta in the role of vampire who confronts with these two teachers showing the doors to these teachers is also seen wonderful in her character. She made the film a perfect watch film for the Indian audience who have the zeal and interest for such subjects. Others in this film like the veterans like Girish Karnad and Zarina Wahab too appeared cool in their performances.

Direction, Music, Screenplay and Technical stuff

Direction is marvellous for this film, as far as showcasing the right message of the film is concerned. The director has put ample of efforts in shaping the character the best, which has therefore made the film worthy enough to be caught in the nearby cinema. The other aspects like music, screenplay and editing along with other technical stuff to be okay, which together has helped the film to do wonders.

Chalk N Duster – The last word

You may not call the film Chalk N Duster to be a great film in terms of star value and stretch of imagination. You may even call it as crude and unapologetic in terms of melodrama, however, it has the heart in the right place. It can be called as decent conscientious efforts to showcase the bond found in between the teachers and the taught.

Rating – 3.5

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