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20 years of Tum Bin: In an exclusive interview with Cine Talkers, Nikhil Kamath reveals the reason behind the split of duo Nikhil & Vinay

The film Tum Bin has completed over 20 years since its release. So Cinetalkers got an opportunity of interviewing Renowned Music Composer Nikhil Kamath from the famous duo Nikhil & Vinay. To know more about the beautiful and soulful music of the film keep reading.

When we talk about Tum Bin, each and every song of the film is still loved by the audience, how does it make you feel?

Nikhil: I think it’s very nice, very motivated, I feel very grateful to god. And for composers like me, it’s very motivating and I would like to thank you all very much. It’s good to hear that people are still hearing the melody and good music. I feel very motivated and I can promise you till the time I am alive I will keep making such beautiful music.

The songs of Tum Bin are one of those rare songs that stays with you for years. Did you guys imagine during the making of these songs that it would turn out to be this hit?

Nikhil: Frankly speaking Tum Bin was just like any other project we did. But when I heard the script from Anubhav Sinha something in the story was very relatable. The story was so touching and so sweet that inspired me to come up with melodies that touch the heart.

If Tum Bin is remade with the new generation of actors, do you think they would be able to do justice with the roles?

Nikhil: if the film is remade with the music of Nikhil & Vinay I can promise you that it will go on another level. When we were making Tum Bin we made it from the heart, the project was never like a business to us. And that was the reason behind the success of the film. The film is a product of love.

Koi Fariyaad is one of the most beautiful songs sung by legend Jagjit Singh Ji. How was it working with him? Would you like to share some, moments?

Nikhil: He’s such a wonderful man, such a great singer but at the same, he is such a down-to-earth person. So I remember the first day I went to his house and played the song, and he didn’t expect that from me. After the song, he was so touched and impressed. He was a very fun person to work with. Every time we used to practice the song or rehearse the song it was amazing and whenever he used to come to Andheri he used to always dub one Antara.

‘Tum Bin’ was released when social media was not the medium of learning about trending things. One had to wait a long time to get the reviews. When the audience received the film and especially the songs so well what was your reaction?

Nikhil: Trust me it was very nice because we had worked very hard on the music of Tum Bin, the sound design, the instrumentation. So, it was like creating something from nowhere. And it was just amazing.

You have given some of the iconic songs to this industry in the nineties and in the early twenties. What difference do you feel between Bollywood then and Bollywood now?

Nikhil: I see a lot of difference. The clear difference is that there was a lot of love and affection in the nineties and today I feel there is a lot of confusion while music is concerned, so there are 10 people who take that shot and music is not made like that because you may like something and you may not like something. So friends and all those companies who are making music, please trust the music with few people and if you create so much confusion it will be a problem.

Nikhil and Vinay are known to be a power duo. Please tell us why Nikhil and Vinay had to split?

Nikhil: We have not split as such. He has moved to London, to pursue something he wanted and we are still in touch. And I am sure you will hear Nikhil – Vinay’s composition again.

Most of your hit songs are based on heartbreaks. Is there any particular reason behind it?

Nikhil: No, there is no particular reason behind it. We have also done love songs with Sonu Nigam which were also a huge hit.

Extension to the same question, were you heartbroken in your personal life that inspired you to write or make any particular song?

Nikhil: Not as such but these emotions continue always. I never had a heartbreak because I’ll be very frank when I came into this line, I was 24 and there was no time for romance and the only one I romanced was my wife whom I met during college. But pain is a common emotion whether it’s heartbreak or whether it’s somebody not talking to you. So it’s an emotion and it comes into the music.

Today as we all know, most of the songs which are coming out are either remakes or remixes. What are your thoughts on this?

Nikhil: I would request everyone to please make original music. I mean why can’t we make original music. Why are we still taking the songs of the past? Why don’t we give chance to the new composers, why are we rehashing things? I really feel that the music companies should make new music, and take the guts to do it. Please create new songs.

Any message you would like to give our audience?

I would like to tell you all please listen to new music, please listen to original and good music. Please encourage new talents.

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Disha Yadav


She is an aspiring writer and has been into our the domain of content writing since a year. She joined CT as an intern and soon took over full-fledged writing for Bollywood. She contributes news articles for CT and intends to write on diverse issues on Bollywood.

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Disha Yadav

She is an aspiring writer and has been into our the domain of content writing since a year. She joined CT as an intern and soon took over full-fledged writing for Bollywood. She contributes news articles for CT and intends to write on diverse issues on Bollywood.
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