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2.0 Trailer Review: It is interesting to catch the Reloaded Rajinikanth Vs Menacing Akshay

2.0 Trailer

Here comes the trailer of the film 2.0 starring the two veterans from B Town and South Indian films. As it came we could see the two setting up new blaze and aura. As you check the first word you gonna say is oh boy its incredible and gripping. The film is directed by Shankar Shanmugam and the two minute trailer has much to offer. Thanks to the flawless special effects, intriguing glimpses, you have loads to offer. Bet as you check you would barely keep your eyes away from the screen. The integral part of the trailer is the technology that has been smartly used seeking the help of more than 3000 technicians not just from India but abroad as well.

The fans of the film has been shocked and bewildered catching up the trailer the moment it was released this afternoon by the lead actors – Akki and Rajnikanth together. Rajinikanth plays the same old character of Dr Vaseegaran, and he has made everyone shock in awe with the incredible things happenings in the city. People are lured with the scene that depicts The flying cell phones in a massive bird-like figure seems creating the fuss and scare when the nasty Chitti come reloaded in the version 2.0. On the other side, Akshay Kumar in the role of Dr Richards appears too menacing in the trailer.

Don’t forget to catch the dialogue of Akki when he says that Cellphone rakhnewala har vyakti hathyara hai. Also, we get to see the slight appearance of Amy Jackson who is playing the character of robot in the movie. All in all the trailer of the film 2.0 has the punch, which are worthy to catch and with every second we see the number of views of the trailer turning into a whopping figure. Let’s see how much it tolls but it certainly tells the tale of a big time hit film to be released soon. The trailer remains the testimony to this. This gives a higher rating for the trailer.

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