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2.0 Movie Review : It is a visual treat that you can enjoy the fullest in 3D despite having a predictable story

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2.0 Movie Review :

Movie – 2.0
Director – S. Shankar
Star cast Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, and Sudhanshu Pandey
Producer – A. Subaskaran and Raju Mahalingam
Production House – Lyca Productions, Dharma Productions, and AA Films
Writer – S. Shankar, and B. Jeyamohan
Runtime – 147 minutes
Rating – 3.5
The movie has a very simple and straightforward story. We have the same Scientist played by Rajinikanth aka Dr. Waseegaran has developed a new robot called Nila played by Amy Jackson and she is stunning and gorgeous. Dr. Waseegaran is keen on having Chitti back but thanks to the back-door politics it becomes a daunting task. Chitti returns to fight Pakashi Raja played by Akshay Kumar. You find loads of mess just to entertain the audience. So, what really goes inside the film can be easily caught in the nearby cinema.

The story of the film keeps you intrigued and entertained. Though one may find the film drags a big but thanks to the interesting core story, things become a visual treat for the audience. Yet in many ways the plot of the film remains predictable and very much predictable. The first half gives a feeling of a generic horror film but it come along with an interesting visual effects and catching the same in 3D would be be treat to your eyes. The massive clash between Chitti and the giant bird is interesting to catch and yes do not miss the cool dialogues and cool song picturisation also makes a huge difference.
Now, talking about the performances, we know action speaks louder than words and same is the case with Rajinikanth. For him age is just a number which is why even at the age of 67 he is incredible in his performance. It seems that the actor has given his everything to play the characters he has in the film particularly of Chitti Reloaded. The fans of Akshay Kumar too has to celebrate. Despite having limited screen space he seemed impressive over the silver screen with his incredible performance.
He was quick with his quirky antics in the film and nailed with his emotional connect with his role. Amy Jackson playing the robot is also a treat to our eyes. Adil Hussain in supporting role too was okay as he did not get too much time to prove his presence.The other elements like VFX effects, direction and editing along with technical stuff seemed okay. The music by A R Rahman was simply incredible.

2.0 Movie The Last Word 

With all said and done, the film 2.0 is a completely entertainment package, which come along with pleasing VFX effects and many more things that can entertain you the fullest. While catching the film, make sure you watch in 3D to enjoy the fullest.
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