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1920 London and Traffic Movie Box Office Prediction

A long lasting battle that will groove around the globe soon after completing some couple of hours, can you guess with whom the war is been triggered and what will be the major criteria in the war? Ohh god, ok let’s make it a bit clear to you all. The surprising cum exploring excitement, love and last but not the least critics day i.e. Friday this week is coming up with something really interesting and thrilling on the floor, the makers are in a state to make you all feel something chilling, haunting and of course have taken a challenge to dare all of the loving fans with their looming movies. Can you guess the names? Yes they are namely 1920 London and based on the true incident ‘Traffic’ are ready to smash the box office with their stunning response this time.

Starting with most awaiting movie of the month and especially for the loving fans of horror movies i.e. 1920 London. With the essence of horrifying cum thrilling essence of 1920 the looming movie will be again full of horror scenes and that to with those scenes that no of us have ever seen before. Under the directions of Tinu Suresh Desai, the movie will be featuring 6th May 2016 and will surely make you scare like never before and thus it is expected that it will surely touch 50 Crore in the box office.

Moreover there is someone who’s not only capable of dragging the audience towards it but also have those guts that can even create history. The movie of which we all are talking about is nothing but ‘Traffic’ – A venture which will explore the story based on the real life experience for a heart transplantation, under the fragrance of director Rajesh Pillai it will be on the floor along with 1920 London itself and is expected to cross 70 Crores

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