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1920 London Movie Review

The 1920 Horror Series is back with its third installment movie called 1920 London. This time the film has gone overseas to make a film as the earlier two – 1920 and 1920: The Evil Returns had stories from Indian sub-continent only. The third installment of the movie – 1920: London has Sharman Joshi, Meera Chopra and Vishal Karwal in the pivotal roles along with Sagar Sarika playing the negative role in it. The film is directed by Tinu Suresh Desai, while it is produced by Sandeep Shandilya and Roshan Singh imder the banner of Reliance Entertainment. The music has come from Amar Mohile, while the Cinematography is carried out by the man called Prakash Kutty. Well, time to dig in deep into the film to get the crux of the same as under:


Shivangi played by Meera Chopra is based in London with her husband known as Veer Singh played by Vishal Karwal. One day, the family receives a gift from Rajasthan, which is attended by Veer Singh. Since then things that seemed good turns into misery as every now and then the couple encounters something strange happening with Veer and his condition is getting deteriorated with every passing day. Shivangi hurls the blame over black magic and thus visits to her roots at Rajasthan in order to find out the answer. She is then told that an exorcist called Jai played by Sharman Joshi can help the couple, so she begs for help. He decides to help Shivangi and her possessed husband from the evil spirit found in the form of Jaidev, so what happens next, will he be able to help the couple and how is interesting thing to explore.


The Film, as we know is written by Vikram Bhatt and hence one can expect loads of drama in the form of thrill in the movie. The film 1920 London as the makes of the film calls as to be the genre of a horror movie, which happens to be inexplicable supernatural elements and is importantly a battle found in between human and the non-human entities. Amidst the scary elements in the film you can find a love story, which seems to have maligned a lot in the backdrop of the fear psychosis created by scary elements in the film. Unlike the other films of Vikram Bhatt too faces the same issue, he has failed to explore the film and thus the director has failed to grab the opportunity to embark with something really nice from the horror tale. So, unlike any other B Town horror film 1920 London too faces the same problem wherein films seemed to come with a number of flaws in it.


Talking about the performances, there is only one man who seems to have scored well. Yes you guessed him right – Sharman Joshi. Though it’s his first attempt to try this genre but he was okay in his efforts. In fact, in his role of exorcist, he has tried hard to understand the character well and portray the same with utter dexterity and patience. However, talking about the others, they are certainly not at par. If you talk about Meera Chopra playing the character of Shivangi seems to be at the back foot. She was only seen in an overacting mode, though tried hard to play the character but most of the time was she was seen lagging behind. The man in the role of Veer Singh played by Vishal Karwal is again the victim of overacting, which has ruined his character to a great extent. All in all it was Sharman who tried to keep things right while others were good enough to ruin things for the film.

Music, Direction, Editing and Other Technical Elements

When it comes to music, there comes a ray of hope for 1920 London. The music seems to engage the audience as it promises to blend the best with the narrative of the film. Though one can find too many songs in the film yet it manages to go well in the movie. Now, the direction part, it’s not that simple to direct a horror film and that too by a director has no exposure in directing such horror movies. There were many flaws that were experienced by one and all in this movie. The other elements like editing and other technical stuff seem to be week in some ways, which at the end hampers the film in a big way.

1920 London – Last Word

1920 London is essentially a horror film, which has everything but the horror in it. Most of the sequences were over boasted things making the film an ordinary one. It has naïve kind of performances from the lead actors of the film except Sharman who remained genuine about his presence in the film. And hence it doesn’t really deserve much of the rating.

Rating – 3.0

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