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18th of November EFF Bricks in the special program

With the constant expanse of content development taking a full swing at the National & International level. Nagpur has had been managed put its name on the world map yet another time in the art of visual storytelling. City’s ace Cinematographer Kundan Sad has set his foot in his bold directorial venture; ‘Life Syndrome’ – a gripping and sensitive tale of a couple through love, loss & redemption has been acclaimed in multiple International film festivals.

Yet another feather in the cap for this short film is that it is now selected for the Official Screening at ECHO FILM FESTIVAL BRICS a.k.a. EFF BRICS Russia. This festival is carried with the sole motive of providing Russian Audience different interesting stories from all over the world. The main aim of the festival is to present works of talented filmmakers from Brazil, India, China and RSA (Republic of South Africa) to Russian spectators. Such a festival could help people to know and understand each other better, to acquaint with culture, history and traditions the unique nature of BRICS countries.


‘Life Syndrome is Shot & directed by Kundan Sad with Anirudh Singh & Shivani Joshi. Kunal Sharma, Shabad Nadeem & Anirudh Singh were the writing trio. Singh had also crafted the film’s screenplay and the dialogues.The creative direction was carried out by Aditya Sharma while the original background score was composed and arranged by Vishal Bagul. The entire post-production for the film was done by Pawan Piprode. Aashish Maske had co-produced the film along with Sad. Laxmi Gadge served as the Digital Imaging Technician and Kushagra Jaiswal was the Chief AD. Corena Pareira & Payal Pillewar assisted the director. The supporting cast included Aashish Maske, Atharva Upadhye, Santosh Hirasangani, Krishank Pawar. The make-up of the film was done by Nakul Sriwas. Film was produced by Akhil Valluri.

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