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Box Office : 18 Reason Why Baahubali ruling over Bajrangi Bhaijaan

baahubali poster

Find below top 18 unknown fact about Baahubali :

1. 250 Crores in movie making

2. Guinness world record of LARGEST POSTER in 50000 sq.feet.

3. Movie pre production took 1 year. Highest time period for any indian movie

4. 17 VFX & 800+ technicians involved.

5. Cost of VFX effects 85 Crores

6. VFX team of BB & Jurassic World is the same.

7. Rajamouli took 109 days to reshoot of just a waterfall

8. Prabhas & Dugabatti consumed 40 egg whites daily for musculer body.

9. Prabhas spent 1.5 Crores on gym equipment only.

10. Prabhas postponed his marriage for d movie

11. Trailer got 4.05 million views in just 24 hrs on uTube n 1.5 million on FB.

12. Only film to feature on BBC’s documentary on 100 yrs of cinema.

13. A new language named “KILIKI” invented with 750 words & 40 grammer rules.

14. 1st Indian movie to have it’s own museum.

15. 1st ever actor (Prabhas) frm TOLLYWOOD to get 24 Crores (highest paid ever) for a movie.
– more thn Rajnikanth/Kamal Hasan/Chiranjiv/Mamuthi/etc…

16. Crossed 100 crores in just 36 hrs.

17. Only movie to sold Satellite rights in 25 crores.

18. MOST IMP. first ever Indian movie to get 9.4 ranking on IMDB. Way ahead thn 300 movie tht had 7.8 ranking only.

NOW DECIDE URSELF, Whn r u planning to explore the historical movie of Indian cinema!!

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