102 Not Out Movie Review : Interesting film with light and breezy content to be enjoyed by family

102 Not Out

Movie – 102 Not Out

Director – Umesh Shukla

Star castAmitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor, and Jimit Trivedi

Genre – Comedy, drama

Writer – Saumya Joshi

Production Studio – Treetop Entertainment, Benchmark Pictures, and Sony Pictures Entertainment Films India

Rating – 3.5


The story of the film is based on a Gujarati Play which has the same title. The man with the age of 102 is played by Big B who is of 102 age and he has the aim in life to break the record of a man in China who has died at the age of 118. He has a son who is of 75 years old played by Rishi Kapoor. The story of the film moves around the man of 102 who lives with young heart and also inspires his son who thinks that he has gone old now to lead a life with a young heart. So, what really goes is interesting to catch.


The film offers refreshing and unique concept, which talks about the father and son relationship. Here you will find the people with different age groups are seen turning with the two story spins around the life of the people that are aged 102 and 75. Here the film’s narrative is not turning complex while the story is about the three main characters. Though the film has some strengths but it soon turns into its own limitations. We do not seen it deviating into the thrilling scenes or make us feel that our jaws drop with some unexpected twist, and it is not seen giving some pointlessly clever thing. While doing so it manages to offer the audience a good stuff to enjoy.

Now talking about the performances element, the Big B and Rishi Kapoor have done good jobs as they are excellent actors. They have proved that they can have perfect coming timing while playing two old mens of different age groups. They have tried to make the film as much light and breezy for the audience with cool production designs and pleasant look and feel. The other elements like Music, Screenplay, Editing, Photography and other elements seemed good and so was the direction part as well.  Let’s not forget the performance of the young Jimit who has matched his performance with the two.

102 Not Out – The Last Word

The film 102 Not Out happens to be a light and breezy movie with light content, which can be enjoyed by family becoming a typical family entertainer. It can be a good respite in a tough summer for you this weekend.

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