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10 years Slumdog Millionaire. I will never forgive AR Rahman says Anil Kapoor .


Whole nation celebrated the success of two stars when Anil Kapoor and A R Rahman made a clean sweep at Oscar awards in 2009 for the film Slumdog Millionaire, but who knows that the chemistry between two is not smooth.

Kapoor and Rahman on Monday commended 10 years of Slumdog Millionaire’s Oscar win, which included two Academy Awards for Rahman for a unique score and unique tune “Jai Ho”. At the occasion, Rahman imparted to media persons how Kapoor missed seeing him getting the Golden Globe grant all on the grounds that the author was “parched”.

“Keep in mind the Golden Globes? I was sitting alongside Anil and I was so parched. He was exceptionally kind and said he will get a Sprite for me. When he went and got it, I got the honor,” AR Rahman reviewed as the group of onlookers shared a chuckle.

Anil Kapoor commented, “I will never forgive him. I was waiting for him to get an award. An Indian, Rahman Sahab going on stage and getting an award but he was thirsty, so I said I will go. There was so much crowd at the bar counter, by the time I was back, he got the award.”

The on-screen character, who played the enemy in Slumdog Millionaire, nonetheless, was cheerful that Rahman more than made up by winning the Oscar, a crossroads in history that Kapoor was an observer to.

“But then I saw the Oscar which was the cherry on the cake. You don’t know what I felt when he went on stage and the song was played. I wish I could break the protocol and start dancing on stage. I had to control myself,” he said.

The occasion, which additionally observed the nearness of lyricist Gulzar and vocalists Sukhwinder Singh, Mahalakshmi Iyer, and Ila Arun, was held at a school in Dharavi.



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