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10 Logical Questions About Sridevi’s Death Mystery

The actor and the legend Sridevi is no more with us as she passed away on 24th of February in Dubai’s Jumeirah Emirates hotel. Soon the news wrecked all havoc and thus left everyone in tears. Since the news came out in the media, there have been several reports we hear about her death. Earlier we got the reports that claimed that she had med a cardiac arrest but later we heard about a news that she is no more. In the said reports, the death was caused to due accidental drowning, while the Dubai Police has confirmed the same and soon was seen passing on the case to the Public Prosecution. Well, this can be called as the biggest twist as we see people posing different set of questions in their mind. Once analyzing the social media platforms, one can find 10 different questions that people tend to ask, well do you have any answer for these, let’s check them as under:

1). What made Sridevi remain alone in Dubai for 2 days?

2). Why did Boney Kapoor and his younger daughter Khushi returned to India alone on 21st of February?

3). Why did Boney returned to Dubai once again on 24th of Feb?

4). If the real cause of the death was accidental drowning then why on earth did Cardiac arrest was made the public earlier?

5). Sridevi was found all alone in the hotel without going out for the two days. What was the reason or Was she upset or depressed with something?

6). Why Forensic reports seemed so unprofessional? One can find several mistakes in the report, which include the Spelling error of the term Drowning as Drawning and instead of using the term Indian, “India” is written.

7). Boney Kapoor was seen checking the bathroom at 7.30 pm but he took two hours to inform the police at 9.30. Why on earth he had to wait for 2 hours?

8). The forensic reports were signed by the preventive medicine director rather than the forensic department, what is the reason?

9). How can be a forensic report call the drowning thing to be “Accidental”?

10). How can any mature adult could have drowned in a bath tub?

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