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1 Billion Smokers in the World: Study

As per a recent study, more than billion people in this planet are seen smoking, while 240 million are alcoholic. The research study called Global Statistics on Addictive Behavior: 2014 Status Report carried out in Melborne, Australia, also indicated that the number is increasing with a steady rise. In terms of percentage, the population comprises of around 20 percent for the smokers and 1 percent for the alcoholic. This has therefore given fatal diseases and disorders to people consuming these as well. One of the heaviest drinkers is found in Eastern Europe wherein around 14 percent of alcohol is consumed per head of the population growing each year and then comes Northern Europe, which is around 12 percent.

The lowest are the areas belonging to Central, Western and Southern Asia, which have the lowest consumption at 2.1 litres. The Eastern Europe is also reported with smokers at around 30 percent of adults, which is followed by Oceania at 29.5 percent and Western Europe at 28.5 percent. People consuming these are also seen shifting to drugs and several other menaces. One of the most striking things, which has been noticed is the number of damages, which are being witnessed in different nations by these legal drugs and illegal ones.

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