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Emotional Stories of Bollywood actors facing cancer 




Emotional Stories of Bollywood actors facing cancerCancer, seems to dreaded the moment we hear it first. Imagine the person suffering from the same. These include even the Bollywood actors as well. They remain famous and loved, they leave no stone un-turned to keep their fitness and health as their top priority, yet at times we have stories of them getting the victims of the cancer of different forms. From Sonali Bendre to Irrfan Khan and a few who failed against the struggle of this menace like Vinod Khanna. It would be interesting to remember the actors who battled and are battling against this menace and check their emotional stories, have a look:
Sonali Bendre – For her the actress who has been enjoying her family life with her son and hubby was shocked to hear about the test talking about the presence of the dreaded disease called metastatic cancer. She revealed this on the microblogging site stating that her titillating pain revealed that she is facing from this menace. She then kept updated about the treatment she had in the US along with sharing the story to her son as well.sonali bendre
Irrfan Khan – The Blackmail actor who has maintained his caliber also was the victim of the ailment called Neuroendocrine Cancer. He in his emotional post revealed about the menace. He said it was a rare disease which he turned the victim of the same. He then kept on adding his story time and again to share his struggle with his fans.Irrfan Khan is suffering from Brain Cancer
Manisha Koirala – The Nepali actress who has been known for not finding her love all the time she tried to find someone was the victim of the menace called Ovarian Cancer. She was 42 when she first heard that she is the victim of the cancer but she fought and came out of it in flying colors.Manisha Koirala cancer
Lisa Ray – The lady had Blood cancer but when she heard about it she chose to fight instead of collapsing before the dreaded disease. She was diagnosed with multiple Myeloma and she wrote about it while she was away for the treatment. She had her stem cell therapy to get rid of this menace.Lisa Ray cancer

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