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Young Kannada Filmmakers Inclining Towards OTT

Preeti Singh



Kannada filmmakers have always been one of the remarkable parts of the entertainment industry. Right from delivering amazing content to the fierce fights onscreen, the industry has been offering amazing content for the viewers every time. Well! Another buzz has been coming on revealing the growing interest of the young talented filmmakers of Kannada industry in the world of web series. As learnt, the young Kannada talents are working over the same, owing to the democratic content delivery of the web series as well as touching the higher reaching approach to more number of people across the globe.

New web series are being created in every possible way using the creativity and original content on a global scale. That’s why, the demand and delivery of the same is increasing day by day. One of the best things about the web series is that creators can show a lot of creativity in web series which is not possible in the movies as it limits them in some or other way.

Kannada web series is not much being created owing to the fall-outs in some areas but, it is definitely showing a node that soon more proportions will be seen. Now, young talents have found new avenues of content creation via web series which were earlier experimented through short films.

Some of the young talents who are making web series in Kannada are Shivaraj Kumar, Danish Sait, Saad Khan, Sagar Puranik, etc. Some other talents are even thinking to move towards web series as well.

With the owing advent of web series, the interest of audiences is shifting from televisions to web series due to the stronger content in web world. It is a perfect platform for creative mind filmmakers. Besides all this, one pertinent question which is being raised by socialist that who is going to control them as more and more makers are experimenting with this freehand.

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