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Kinsey Wolanski




Kinsey Wolanski Bio :

Born : August 30th, 1996
Age : 23 Years
Birthplace : United States
Education : N/A
Profession : Model, Actress
Nationality : American
Spouse/Boyfriend : Vitaly Zdorovetsky
Net worth : Not available


Kinsey Wolanski is a model who hails from the US and was born and brought up in the city of Chicago, Illinois. She studied at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is based at Chicago, Illinois. She is also known as the girlfriend of the Youtube prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, the man who invaded the 2014 World Cup Final and seemed getting banned from all the major sporting events for his antics. Zdorovetskiy also owns an adult website called Vitaly Uncensored, which is known to have more than 1 crore followers.

Kinsey Wolanski wikiShe started her career in modeling and soon was the part of many marketing campaigns for different brands. She came in limelight for stripping off in Madrid during the Champions League. Explaining about the same, she said she is doing the same for living and is seen doing a couple of crazy things that people would remember. As she did, her boyfriend was quick to react and said, “My f***ing baby girl” that later confirmed that it was Kinsey Wolanksi only who has sparked the Wanda Lust.

As she did the stripping interrupting the champions league final match, she was seen sporting the website of her boyfriend’s portal over her chest. This made the match to cease for a while as the referee called a halt for it, while the Stewarts were quick to take her away while she was agitating at the event. Post this she was banned at many of such events in the US and other places. She also made headlines when she was spotted in Los Angeles. She was seen modeling for the brands like FHM and Maxim and she is the best-known for some of her outrageous YouTube posts. She was also among the top ten Miss Jetset 2017. Kinsey Wolanski had over 300,000 Instagram followers and has soared a lot.

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