Gauahar Khan hits back at a Twitter user who wanted Uniform Civil Code against The Sharia Law, here’s what she said!

Gauahar Khan is a Indian Television actress. She started her career with modeling and after so much of struggles and hardwork she became a star. She also appeared in so many films, serials and advertisements. She is also the winner of Bigg Boss season 7 and she was also appeared in 14 season as a Wild card contestant on the show. Since few days she’s tweeting about the ongoing season as she wants Pratik Sehajpal to win the show. As she is always clear to her words and does not shy away from calling haters out whatever necessary. She is always vocal in social media, keeping the fans constantly updated with her thoughts and upcoming projects.

In recent times, the actress called out a Twitter user who wanted the Indian government to impose the Uniform Civil Code, specifically against the Muslims who follows the sharia law. She lashed out that user because she was comparing Hindu and Muslim personal law, asking the government to bring the Uniform Civil Code. The tweet said, “Outside world doesn’t know that India still has separate family laws for Hindu & Muslims. Hindus have to abide by secular code. Muslims can have 4 wives & ban education for their wives & girls in the name of sharia.
#UniformCivilCode has to apply to ALL Indians”…


Gauahar Khan quickly gave that Twitter user a befitting reply to show how India is a democratic country where people should have the right and freedom to follow their own religious laws. In her tweet she said “Hey loser! I’m a Muslim ,and no body can ban us from having our rights,India is secular ,it’s a democracy ,not a dictatorship like u would desire! So stay put in the comfort of your American status,n stop incitating hate in my country!”

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