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Top 10 unknown facts about Rajnikant



unkown fact of Rajnikant

Rajnikant is legendary actor who is known for his amazing acting skills and movies all over India. Rajnikant has worked hard to get in position today he is in. On his journey to get on top the star has done many things which you might be unaware of. Have a look at Top 10 things you might not know about Rajnikant.


1) Rajinikant was originally named Shivaji Rao Gaikwad. The star lived in Bangalore and started doing odd jobs early in his career to make money.

2 ) Rajinikant has done job of bus conductor and has also done work of coolie to earn living.

3 ) Not many people know that sir Rajini is actually a Maharashtrian.

4) However the actor has not worked in any Marathi film till date.

5) The actor has worked and played role in Tamil, Telgu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali and even in English film.

6) The south Indian actor is known for his ability to play diverse roles. Be it the role of a robot or a man with blonde mustache or any other, the star is never afraid of any character when it comes to acting.

7) With so much action and bloodshed in films today, you may get amazed to know that Rajinikant has never ever hurt himself in any of his films.

8) The actor also has not been filmed dead in his entire filming career. Reason behind it is that film makers are too afraid that if they film sir Rajini dead, his fans will create great havoc all over country and might burn down theaters.

9) After the release of Shivaji, Rajnikant become the most paid actor in entire Asia only after Jackie Chan. The actor took home salary worth more than 26 crores.

10) Controversy in his career till now has been its dance steps and sequences done along with controversial south Indian actress famous with name Silk Smitha. So that how interesting sir Rajini’s career has been till now and we wish him even great success ahead.

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Birthday Special – 7 Unknown facts about Sidharth Malhotra



Birthday Special

Today Sidharth Malhotra is among the hottest actors in B Town. Despite having a raw talent and without a godfather in the film industry, he kept on moving higher over the ladder. Ever since he did his first film Student of the Year in 2012 with Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan, he has remained a consistent performer. Starting modest with My Name is Khan as an assistant director, he has come a long way. In his career of five years, his achievements in the Bollywood are much to discuss. On his big day when he has turned a year older, it would be interesting to check some unknown facts about him, have a look as under:

1). He worked as Assistant Director – The handsome hunk worked as an assistant director to Karan Johar for his film My Name is Khan starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol.

2). He is fond of travelling. – He loves to travel a lot, thanks to his father who was in the Merchant Navy and he allowed his son to be with him to travel to different places with him to enjoy a good time.

3). He wants to do a negative role of Batman- Despite being known for his positive roles in B Town films, he wants to do a negative role. Perhaps a role of Batman or playing characters like Shakaal or Mogambo will be a decent choice.

4). Wants to Work with Deepika Padukone – Yes you heard it right, after working with Alia Bhatt, Jacqueline, Katrina Kaif and Parineeti Chopra, now he intends to work with Deepika Padukone. He also wants to work with Shraddha Kapoor.

5). He is a pet lover – He is very much fond of pets. He had his dog called Oscar, and he loves talking about him. However, he now misses it since he is busy at work and Oscar is away. He is also associated with the animal welfare group called PETA.

6). His role model is Shah Rukh Khan – His role model is Shah Rukh Khan and ever since he has worked in My Name Is Khan as an assistant director he has become the fan of King Khan. He said SRK was sweet enough to give him pointers.

7). He was supposed to debut in films with Fashion – Remember the Priyanka Chopra starrer film – Fashion, yes the same film that gave PC the National Award. Well, that was supposed to be debut film for Siddharth Malhotra, however, due to some contract issues, he was unable to do it.

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Hrithik Roshan Birthday Special – 7 interesting facts about the actor




The Kaabil actor celebrates his 47th Birthday. It went big as his ex-wife Sussanne too wished her on Instagram in a style making it special for him. If you think you know your actor then you are grossly mistaken. Well, there are many hidden and interesting facts about the Greek God which deserves to be known on his big day. Let’s check the 7 interesting facts about the Krissh actor as under:

First Salary at the age of 6: Yes, the Super 30 actor got his first salary at the age of six when he danced with Jitendra in his movie called Asha in 1980. He got his 100 INR which helped him buy his ten Hot Wheel Cars, as he always loved cars and still passionate about them.

HR as kid

The Nickname: We know him as Hrithik Roshan, but not many would know his nickname. Well, the actor’s name is Duggu, and official name is Hrithik Nagrath.


He is a Dropout: He did his schooling from Bombay Scottish School, while did his graduation from Sydenham College, Mumbai. He got admission in the USA for his master’s program, but he dropped from the college to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor.

He was a Chain Smoker: He was a chain smoker and tried not just once but five times but still failed. However, in 2011, he finally said no to smoking. He also gifted a book called Easy Way To Stop Smoking by a popular author Alan Carr to other smokers in B Town, SRK and Farhan Akhtar. but they failed to give up smoking.

HR smoker

He is a Certified Diver: We saw the actor shivering from diving in the film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, but in reality, he is a certified diver. In fact, he has gained perfection in it. He did his stunts under water in the said film on his own.

HR Diver
He owns his fashion brand: He is also an entrepreneur and is also been called Asia’s sexiest man. His fashion brand is known as HRX, and he launched it in 2013.

Highest Paid Actor: If you thought Aamir or SRK is among the highest paid actors in B Town think again. It’s Hrithik Roshan. He charges 62 Crores per film, and that makes him the highest earner in B Town.

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AR Rahman Birthday Special – 10 Interesting Facts about the Music King



ar rahman interesting facts

As the Music Composer A R Rahman turns 52, we see him being the most viral man over the internet and social media. He has all the reasons to be the star of the day. He has made our country to be recognised in the music world. He is a globally acclaimed musician and singer and has bagged several awards to make India proud emerging as an international figure. The fact of the matter is, this name gives big reason to smile and feel proud of this man. His biggest success if truly comparable. On this day, when the music composer is celebrating his big day, it would be interesting to check some of the hidden facts about this music king, have the ten of these as under:

1). A Wonder Balloon Boy – Being a child, he was first seen over the Doordarshan’s wonder Balloon. He turned popular for playing four keyboards at a time.
2). Computer Engineer- In his student life, he wanted to become an IT Engineer.
3). A Road in Canada- His fans in Canada has named one street at Markham in the honour of singer and music composer in November 2013.
4). He shares his Birthday with his son – Yes you heard it right, AR Rahman and his son called Ameen have a common birth date, which makes them celebrate their big days on the same day.
5). Worked with several Hollywood ventures – Apart from the Daniel Boyle’s film Slumdog Millionaire, AR Rahman has worked with several other Hollywood films. These include Lord Of War and 127 Hours.
6). In Limca Book – His name is included in the records of Limca Book of Records for being the Indian of the Year for Contribution to several music award.
7). Oscar-Winning Song – His Oscar-winning son include the one from the film Slumdog Millionaire called Jai Ho and the Salman Khan starrer movie Yuvraj.
8). Several Awards in his kitty – He bagged four national awards, 2 Oscars, 15 Filmfare awards both for South and Bollywood. In his career so far, her has been nominated by 138 nominations and has won 117 out of it.
9). Two Oscars at a time- He is the only Indian and Asian to have two Oscars and that too in the same year.
10). Airtel’s Signature Tune- AR Rahman composed the tune, and it remains the most downloaded mobile music. As per reports, it has more than 150 million downloads.

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