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Tenali Rama Serial on Sab TV, Wiki, Cast, Story, Timing, Episode, Reviews

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Tenali Rama Serial

Tenali Rama Serial

Tenali Rama TV Show

Star Cast – Anshuman Malhotra and Priyamvada Kant
Studio – Contiloe Productions
Genre – Comedy & Drama
TV Channel – Sab TV
Release Date Start – May 2017
Synopsis: Remember the old TV show of the nineties called Tenali rama aired at Doordarshan, the same TV show has been replicated to make it new. The TV show is based on the short stories by Kamala Lazman while Tenali Rama was among the intelligent person apart from being known for writing poems he also had his own sense of humor and wit. The TV show has Anshuman Malhotra as Tenali Rama and Priyamvada Kant as Tenal’s Wife playing the central character of the TV show. The TV show is produced under the famous banner called Contiloe Productions by the man called Abhimanyu Singh.
Plot :
The TV show is based on the life of Tenali Ramakrishna who is fondly called as Tenali Rama one of the most popular poets found in south also known for his wit and humor. The TV show portrays the life and the wits and poems he has shared with his fellow people. He was recognized in the kingdom for his extraordinary wit, brilliance and wisdom. The promos released in the media is garnering a good response and people seems to be liking the man playing the central character by Anshuman Malhotra. The time slot is yet to be announced, while the makers are getting good response from the promos released. Stay tuned to know more about this TV show and others.

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