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Is Tabu replacing Vidya Balan in Kamala Das’ biopic ?

Jeetu Likhar



Happy Birthday Tabu

Vidya Balan was to be part of the Kamala Das biopic, Aami. She even shot for a day before changing her mind. She had the script with her for six months. When the film was scheduled to go on floors, she fell ill. The schedule was postponed as the team waited for her. A new schedule was planned. Then she suddenly changed her mind, the excuse given was that she couldn’t connect with the character. In a project that was to cost Rs 5 crore, the Kamala Das biopic has already cost its producers close to Rs 1.5 crore in losses after Vidya abandoned the project.

The team tried our utmost to convince her. We promised we would be there to help her. But she insisted she couldn’t understand the character. But isn’t that what Kamala Das is about? She’s an enigma. We are sure even Kamala didn’t understand herself.” “Vidya likes to spend some time with the director and writers as part of her prep before starting a film. It wasn’t happening with this one. Also, she wasn’t happy with the final script,” informs a source. Vidya’s spokesperson confirmed the news.

In an earlier interview to a tabloid, Vidya had said about the late author, “I read her autobiography, she intrigued me. I’m still wondering if she was who she’s made out to be, pretending to be her or misunderstood, hoping to get some answers at some point during the film.” Now the enigmatic poetess-feminist’s role is in Tabu’s hands. According to the source, “Tabu has shown a keen interest in the part and we’re in the process of finalising her. However, we wouldn’t like to say anything officially until everything is absolutely firmed in.” Once bitten, twice shy.

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