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Soorma 1st Weekend Box Office Collection

Jeetu Likhar




As we know the film Soorma happens to be a comeback of the legend player Sandeep Singh, it had interest of people only who are interested in this niche area. The fact that it has been seen over the box office with the collection going normal at the box office after this. The The Diljit Dosanjh and Taapsee Pannu-starrer movie performed the way it was seen going over the box office. As per reports, the first day collection was around 3.20 crore, while on the Saturday, the film witnessed some amount of escalation at the box office giving a figure of around 5.50 crore. Similarly, at the box office, the movie seemed going at a decent note giving a higher collection when compared to the previous two days.
It went on to score around 7.50 crore that helped the film to score good at the box office after the first weekend. As per reports, the 1st weekend box office collection went on to sore around 15.75 crore, which is again a decent figure to rely on. The experts are saying that though the buzz seemed low on the day one but it went on increasing on a decent mode in the coming days that kept the film to earn a nice figure at the box office. So, at the moment the film seems to be at the upward trend and it has grown at a good pace. As per reports and the trends seen the film is likely to score more than 50 crore at the end of second weekend giving a decent collection of course.
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 As far as the weekdays are concerned, the film is likely to move with low figure scoring 4-5 crore on a daily basis that should be able to collection half century for the movie by the end of the second weekend collection. The film has done a good business in the north especially in the state of Punjab and Haryana wherein the movie enjoys a decent buzz in the media with the good fan following of the lead actor Diljit Dosanjh of the film. Well let’s see how things move in the coming days but at the moment we can call the picture a big rosy for sure.

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