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Singing can lead to incredible benefits: Singer Ziggy Bonafide




Singer Ziggy Bonafide


Singer Ziggy Bonafide is set to come up with new song ‘High waist Jeans’ on January 15th 2019, he says singing is a workout for him.
“Singing is my passion. While many workouts at the gym, for me singing is a workout. It can lead to incredible benefits in our physical, emotional, and social health. For the elderly, disabled, and injured, singing can be an excellent form of exercise. Even if you’re healthy, your lungs will get a workout as you employ proper singing techniques and vocal projections.
Other related health benefits of singing include a stronger diaphragm and stimulated overall circulation. Since you pull in a greater amount of oxygen while singing than when doing many other types of exercise, some even believe that singing can increase your aerobic capacity and stamina,” Ziggy who earlier released his single titled “Has Ke Bol” said in his statement.
Talking about his new upcoming album. He shares, “High Waist Jeans will be a new year and Lohri gift for my fans, it will be released on January 15th, 2019. We have shot for it in Dubai. The song is written, composed and produced by Bilal Saeed.”

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