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Ragini MMS 2 review



Ragini MMS 2 is all about Sunny Leone’s bold avatar, which is more comic than spooky


The sequel of Ragini MMS is all set to hit today in the theaters. As per reports, the Ragini MMS 2 is among the most marketed and promoted movies of Balaji Telefilms. This has however posed a massive amount of disclaimers before the movie before it actually starts in the theaters. The sequel is based on story of a couple going for a filthy weekend over the haunted home. You have the much hyped and hot adult movie star – Sunny Leone known for all bad reasons in this glamour world. The rest of the case include assorted array of other characters like the menacing scriptwriter, several top TV actors and overzealous and knowledgeable psychiatrist along with two other actresses.

So you have a movie within this movie, which simply gets happening very much in the start along with seeing the chills as well. The director plans to make a film on the MMS going viral about the lady called Ragini in the very same place where this MMS scandal has taken place. He plans to capitalize on this incident that went viral all across the world by depicting the same story in his film interestingly going to the same place where this entire episode was seen taking place. Thus when he is shooting this film, he encounters the same horrible experience, which has been seen and heard in the haunted house. In other words, you have a blend of sex, comedy, horror and thrill, which can be captivating for the viewers.

The film is directed by Bhushan Patel who seems to be trying out certain mundane stuff like putting the coffee mug over the table by turning the same under the mic. The director simply believes in escalating the voice or the sound of the characters to incredibly the highest point, which he has done in order to maintain the progression found in between the two scenes. You can therefore find the sound reaching to the uncomfortable levels wherein the director has infused different sound in almost each and every scene in order to add the horror value. You can find this working over the basic level; however, as you more ahead to towards the climax the film simply starts to jar over your ears.

Last words of Ragini MMS 2 review

Amidst these grumbles you can feel the sense of horror in this movie, which can keep you over the edge of your seat for around the runtime of two hours. Besides, there is comic relief as well in the film wherein the character called Monali, the actress Sandaya Mridul has played it incredibly smart by using twisted sense of humor with her broken English language. Last but not the least the bold avatar of Sunny Leone can make the difference; however, the movie seems to be more about comic than being spooky.

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The Accidental Prime Minister Movie Review



The Accidental Prime Minister movie review

While watching the film, keep Away the petty politics from the fictional entertainment to enjoy the movie’s essence

  • Movie – The Accidental Prime Minister
  • Director – Vijay Ratnakar Gutte
  • Starcast – Anupam Kher, Akshaye Khanna, Suzanne Bernert, Aahana Kumra, and Arjun Mathur
  • Producers – Sunil Bohra and Dhaval Gada
  • Production Studio – Rudra Productions (UK), Bohra Bros. and Pen India Limited
  • Writer – Vijay Ratnakar Gutte, Mayank Tewari, Karl Dunne, and Aditya Sinha
  • Music – Sadhu Tiwari
  • Cinematography – Sachin Krishna
  • Rating – 3.0


The film is based on the book called The Accidental Prime Minister by Sanjaya Baru the former Media Advisor of Dr. Singh, the former PM of India. The film is a fictionalized version of Dr. Manmohan Singh’s tenure as a PM of India. The film talks about the internal politics found within the Congress party and the way Dr. Singh has been sandwiched between the party and the family. It carries the issues that have surrounded the ruling party and the way the former PM has dealt with them during his tenure. So, how it goes in the film would be interesting to catch when it finally releases in the theatre.


On the face of it, the film had much more to do a political agenda of a particular party in the country to malign the former PM and the party he belonged. It is also an attempt to showcase the role of a particular family in the Congress Party and their role in promoting them over party and country at large. That’s why its no surprise to see the ruling party official Twitter account has shared the trailer when it was released in the media. Interestingly, B Town has remained untouched by the mainstream politics, but with TAPM, it seems films too can be used as a tool to shape opinions especially in a year when we have general elections coming in few months.

Talking about the script, it is still claimed to be the fictional tenure of PM, which somewhere also touches the issues that have been gone real during UPA government rule led by Dr. Singh. Perhaps this has compelled the party workers to knock the doors of Delhi HC against the trailer and the film. But it’s interesting to see the film releasing without any hassle as it has been cleared by the High Court. The script seems quite real and somewhere mirrors the reality in which the country has gone through the time of Dr. Singh. Now, talking about the performances, all the chosen characters look and behave like the real characters like Dr. Singh, Sonia Gandhi, and her family.

Anupam Kher has nailed it with his incredible performance though at times he was seen going overboard. The others too had similar stories to tell when it comes to performances. These include Akshaye Khanna the media advisor to PM, Suzanne Bernert playing Sonia Gandhi, Aahana Kumra Priyanka Gandhi Varda and Arjun Mathur as Rahul Gandhi. The other elements like music, filmmaking, screenplay, music and technical stuff remained okay somewhere helped the entertainment value of the film in some way or the other.

The Accident Prime Minister – The Last Word:

The film despite its claim to be a fictionalized version of Dr. Singh’s tenure as the Indian PM seems political. If you have an interest in politics, then it can be a worth watching proposition for the audience. If you still watch this film make sure you keep politics away from fictional entertainment.

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Uri-The Surgical Strike Review : Uri becomes a worthy catch in any lazy weekend



URI trailer

Movie – Uri – The Surgical Strike
Director – Aditya Dhar
Star cast – Vicky Kaushal, Paresh Rawal, Yami Gautam, Kirti Kulhari and Mohit Raina
Genre – Action thriller
Producer- Ronnie Screwvala
Production Company – RSVP
Screenplay – Aditya Dhar
Music – Shashwat Sachdev
Cinematography- Mitesh Mirchandani
Rating – 3.5/5

Mission Well Accomplished with stellar performance and apt film making skills

The film as we know is based on the real-time incidents. The Indian Army has carried out a surgical attack on Pak army to avenge the death of Indian soldiers. As you check the plot, the film has shown five chapters – starting with the ambush carried out in North East and is led by Major Vihan Shergil. On the other side, we see his mother in Delhi is getting the treatment for Alzheimer which compels him to get a premature retirement. His clean record has led him to get a new assignment to lead the surgical strike under the guidance of Intelligence and others. So, how does he carries out the surgical strike is interesting to explore in your nearest screens.


It not that easy to make a war film showcasing all the fierce action in a camera. The camera has only recorded the scenes in the unsettling dark, and the makers were able to choreograph it nicely. All you can hear clearly is the bullets’ haunting sound. The makers were able to craft a good background in the first half, while the second half turned subtle for the audience to understand what’s going on. The film though captures the disturbing images, yet it remains to be a gorgeous pictures that makes it interesting. It has all the melodrama to make the soldiers execute the attack, though one can find some loose ends, yet the overall picture seemed good with unshakable camera effects.

Let’s talk about the performances. Vicky Kaushal was splendid in his work; he delivered a mature performance without actually going overboard. Paresh Rawal who is also a politician and an actor was an apt choice for this film as it was his government who has carried out this venture against the enemy. His work was impactful yet has had some loose ends only due to some lazy writings. Yami was a mix of beauty with a brain but had a limited space yet impressive. Lastly, Kirti Kulhari in her special appearance seemed better, thank god she was not wasted and proved an essential sequence until the end. The other factors like direction, music, cinematography and technical elements went good. Though it had some hitches, overall things were good.

Uri: The Surgical Strike – The Last Word
The film is all about the saga of courage and was told with utmost honesty. Thanks to the incredible performances and the fine art of film making, Uri becomes a worthy catch in any lazy weekend.

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Simmba Movie Review



simmba movie review

Catch Ranveer in a Complete Entertained Package in a Typical Rohit Shetty Masala film

Movie – Simmba
Director – Rohit Shetty
Star cast – Ranveer Singh, Sara Ali Khan and Sonu Sood
Producer – Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty
Production Studio – Dharma Productions and Rohit Shetty Picturez
Cinematography – Jomon T. John
Running time – 155 minutes
Rating – 3.5


Meet Sangram or “Simmba” Bhalerao played by Ranveer Singh. He is a corrupt police officer from Shivgadh, which is the same place of Bajirao Singham (Ajay Devgn). Simmba is just the opposite of Bajirao and thus enjoys all the bliss for being a corrupt cop. However, his life comes on a straight track when his loved ones are targetted and abused. He then is transformed and moves on the righteous path. Also, Priya Bakshi played by Sara has a decent role in his transformation.


The film is a typical Rohit Shetty movie with loads of action, and drama in a town close to his favourite place Goa. The film in the first half gradually lifts up amidst all the gags and humor. Finally, when the movie boosts up, it showcases the high octave drama backed with fierce action scenes, which usually remain an integral part of any Rohit Shetty film. On the story part, the director has nothing new to offer to the audience but the kind of spice he has added makes all the difference. Ranveer Singh. The newly turned married man is a complete package in the film.

He can act, dance and carry out the fierce action with great perfection and dexterity. He can crack jokes and make the audience laugh and enjoy the film at any juncture. Rohit Shetty has tried his old methods to keep the audience glued. The other elements that also played their part include the music, the cool songs and excellent cinematography. The other elements like direction, filmmaking and screenplay seemed okay and somewhere helped to boost up the entertainment value of Simmba. And don’t forget the cameo of Ajay Devgn, he also has contributed to the film, which will be liked by the audience.

Simmba The Last Word

Rohit Shetty has the same old calculation when it comes to offering a film to B Town. His typical style can work if the dots are joined in the right way. This can be a decent watch for the coming weekend even if you are not his fan.

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