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Quantico Promo: A Spark of Seductiveness Grabs Fire of Kissing Priyanka

Jeetu Likhar




A sensation of love, affection and hot scenes that was knocking all over the globe to watch it again n again, a wave of attraction when picked up some soothing response, a show that made a small star from bud to a beautiful flowers whose fragrance is actually feel by the makers and stunners, indeed we are depicting about the lovely actress and often named as PC none other than Priyanka Chopra. The one n only star who was last seen in mega block buster movie ‘Bajiroa Mustani’, have come up with her stunning show promo here on the floor, check the depth of love right here.

A spark of seductiveness and bold scenes that made the show i.e. Quantico a fire whose heat was not only feel by the fans but also by the audience who were not even aware of the show. Well let me remind you that the show is govern by an American television thriller series created by Joshua Safran which premiered on ABC. However talking about the promo then as expected Priyanka is seen in an avatar of bold scenes of kissing a star, why don’t you have a look into the promo that can make you feel more expressive.

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