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Paridhi Sharma – Jodha Shielding Her Marraige




paridhi sharma

You might be thinking about the name ‘Paridhi’ don’t you? Of course we all know her by ‘Jodha’ for sure, but there is something cooking very special behind the scenes. A well know small screen character who’s actually on the verge of hitting some awards but who knows something personal of her life? As per the sources “Paridhi Sharma got married to Tanmai Saksena, an Ahmadabad-based non-industry guy, over two years

Catching up some latest news on her then it was also depicted that she’s was actually told by the production house to keep mum on her marital status – as per sources, In addition to this, if we talk about her personally married life then, it was a Love Marriage between Paridhi and Tanmai, in fact it was also cleared that Tanmai normally used shuttle between Mumbai and Ahmadabad for spending a quality time together and the thing that will make you surprise a bit is Tanmai even visits her on the set of the show as well, but who knows what exactly cooking behind hiding her married life

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