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“Open to feed unfortunate” Mahika on World Breastfeeding Week

Jeetu Likhar



Actress Mahika Sharma who has always grabbed lime light with her bold statement is now busy in promoting “World Breastfeeding Week”
Mahika Sharma a former Miss Teen Northeast, India who also appeared in television shows like ‘FIR’ and ‘Ramayana’ says she is open to feed her breast to unfortunate babies who dont have a mother. She also shared a post on her official Instagram .
“Nature has given us most wonderful and amazing part, breast. I am no mom.. but I want to celebrate World Breast Feeding Week. The unfortunate who don’t have a mom for any reason. Be social to them. Feed them. I have heard the stories how in the pages of history girls use to feed such babies. I’m open to it. Girls start being a little more social,” she said.
Mahika is gearing up for her upcoming bollywood movie “The Modern culture” which also stars Adult film actor Danny D. The duo are launching a production house in India.
Meanwhile, Mahika created controversy when she said, She use to to fantasize Pakistan Cricketer, Shahid Afridi during her early days to stay satisfied. She also fought with Rakhi Sawant on her condom brand. Lastly she openly shared and admit about watching online Porns, while introducing her hero, Danny D.

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