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OMG: Varun Dhawan says GOODBYE to Twitter

Jeetu Likhar



varun dhawan upset about dishoom ban in pakistan

There is sad news for Varun Dhawan fans! Well, the actor is all set to take some time off Twitter. Yes, you heard it right! He took to Instagram and posted a story which has a picture of the actor and caption reads as, “Off Twitter for some time. It’s not goodbye. It’s more like I’ll see you soon.” It seems like the actor need some private space from social media. On the work front, the actor is currently prepping for his upcoming film, Judwaa 2. Varun is all set to step into the shoes of Salman Khan as Judwaa 2 is a sequel to the latter’s film Judwaa.

 In an interview, Varun said, “As an actor I do films to entertain the audience. I never think about what I will gain from its success…if it will raise my status as an actor in the number game, or if my price will increase or if I will bag an advertising campaign. Eventually, I want people to enter theatres and enjoy watching both the characters, Raja and Prem.”

 Varun even talked about the reports which compare him with Salman. He said, “Whoever is comparing us is wrong. They should be like, ‘Yeh bachcha hai aur Salman superstar hai (He is a kid and Salman is a superstar)’. Actually, it was Salman bhai who laughed, and told me, ‘You better act properly because they will compare you to me’.”Salman Khan and Karisma Kapoor will be seen in a cameo in Judwaa 2. Do comment on this story.

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