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Is Akshay Kumar’s better than Aamir Khan for his comic timing?

Jeetu Likhar



Akshay Kumar's better than Aamir Khan

Akshay Kumar who has turned 50 recently has been making news for many reasons. One key reason is his comical roles in different Bollywood movies. He has been a super judge as well for one of the reality shows called The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, which seems to be coming soon. Now, if you compare him with other actors particularly Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan then Akki seems better in terms of his comical timing as compared to the PK actor. Let’s check how?

Aamir Vs. Akshay

When we compare the two actors in terms of the roles they have, Aamir seems to be lagging behind in terms of getting comic roles. Except a few, none of his films deals with comedy, which is not the case with Akshay Kumar. Akki has a series of comedy movies including Housefull franchise, the Hera Pheri series and many more similar movies. In fact, some of his movies with regular roles too have some comical thing or the other when Akki proves his comical timing.

What’s the verdict

Hence proved, Akki has a better comical timing. Despite Aamir Khan is known for his higher star power along with having some of the best roles in the film and the star of Bollywood movies, yet he remains lagging behind in having the right comical timing. Though he tried in his early movies, but as a matter of fact, his style and kind of roles he has done in other movies are less for giving him the opportunity to carry out the comical roles. So, it’s obvious to see that Aamir is certainly not a comical actor than Akshay Kumar.

Wrapping up

When it comes to showcasing the roles of the actors both have their own talents and genre. Aamir is choosy about his films and is known as a no-nonsense person. He believes in doing good roles, which are not at all funny and of comedy genre. On the other side, we have Akshay Kumar who is fond of doing a variety of genre films  including comedy, drama and action. This has made him the king of comedy at the moment when it comes to having a perfect comical timing.

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