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Bajirao Mastani Beats Dilwale at Box Office

Jeetu Likhar



Bajirao-Mastani Beat Diwale at Domestic Box-Office

The 2015 Christmas witnessed two big releases the same day – Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani. The films started with a decent note, thanks to the tangible amount of buzz found in the media for both the film. Dilwale targeting more on the multiplexes seemed ahead of Bajiraao Mastani who had only single screen in its destiny; however, after two weeks of their release, the tables have changed.

Bajirao Mastani after a slow start kept on moving ahead with adding decent mullah finally beating its rival movie called Dilwale. After the second week, the total box office collection tolled to around 136.50 crores beating the Shah Rukh Khan starrer tolling to around 132.5 crores.

Bajirao Mastani is considered to be among the Magna Opus of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, which seemed to have earned better reviews that finally is seen translating into a better collection beating the Rohit Shetty film called Dilwale. In fact, Dilwale slipped down in terms of collection for the opposition it had in metro cities for the SRK intolerance remark. And let’s not forget the low rating the films have achieved.

These figures are of domestic box office collection and not the world wide collection, however, Dilwale seems to be better than the the Bajirao Mastani. Well in terms of world wide collection Dilwale still dominates at Bajirao Mastani.

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