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Actress Mahika Sharma celebrates ‘Saraswati Puja’




Mahika sharma
As we gear up to welcome the Goddess of knowledge, music, and arts, the entire atmosphere has something special. From spending the entire night decorating the puja mandap to wearing the best kurta-pajama or saree and woo the special person, Saraswati Puja is always special for Bangalis, especially, the youngsters. Almost every Bengali household, schools and colleges have geared up to welcome the goddess.
“Ramayana” and “FIR” actress Mahika Sharma had begun preparations for Saraswati puja since yesterday night. She said, “Yesterday I went with my family to buy colors, fruits and other necessary things we need gor puja. Its a great time and very first traditional celebration of the year.”
The actress was a good student and keeps in touch with her school teachers. Model turned actress Mahika, who is in Mumbai, wants to plan to visit her school on the day.
“During my school days I used to take part in the decoration of Saraswati Puja. From alpona to the puja bhog, I miss everything. I remember how much fun we had while drawing a huge alpona on our school premises. Not only that, it was also fun while inviting the other schools to visit our premises, especially because this was the only time the girls are allowed to visit the Boys’ school and vice versa,” Mahika giggled while sharing all the mischievous activities she and her friends used to do during the visits. She revealed how she tried to woo her school masters.
As the day Saraswati puja tickles different emotions altogether. It is also referred to as the second ‘Valentine’s Day’ for Bangalis, as the youngsters, decked up in traditional attires, don’t miss the chance to woo their crush or the special person.
Talking about the same Miss Teen Northeast Mahika Sharma said, “Saraswati puja is indeed the second Valentine’s day for Bangalis. Many of my friends used to wait to meet the girl during puja and woo them. Many successful pairs have been made during Saraswati Puja. Years ago on Saraswati puja, I remember how I tried to woo my social science and economics teacher. But now I feel so shy remembering it.”
Talking about her memories of Saraswati Puja, Mahika went nostalgic. She said, “When I was a toddler my mom used to wear my sister her beautiful sarees and I use to simply join my sister in regulars. But as I grew up, I used to keep a close eye on my mother’s best sarees. After wearing the saree I used to flaunt it in front of my friends. And not to forget about the days when I came home with a torn saree as I couldn’t handle it or with a black spot on it. I also remember about the consequences I had to face after coming home,” Mahika laughed out loud as she recalls how she used to get scolded by her mom.
Mahika Sharma will next be seen in upcoming Bollywood movie “The Modern Culture”

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